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Yolo-Solano CAMFT Listserv protocol procedure for posting:

Posts should be sent, in an original (not forwarded) email to by the persons posting EXACTLY as they wish the post to be sent out, including the subject line. The post will be reviewed and sent (or returned with suggestions), from there. You may include attachments, but we suggest including all relevant information in the body of the email, as many people will not open attachments. Replies will be sent directly to the email of the person posting. 

Please be aware we can not edit out anything, such as "thanks for posting" type messages to the listserv editor, "sent from my phone" and confidentiality notices, signature lines, etc.

Residents at Yolo Solano CAMFT are free to come and go as they wish, but at the same time must adhere to our foundation of rules. Our experienced team knows that every healing process is different, and use a variety of services to support each individual.